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System Security Engineering Services

Critical information is constantly under threat from many different vectors. Information can be lost by:

  • Unauthorized disclosure — intentional or unintentional disclosure by individuals in the organization to persons not authorized to have the information.
  • Cyber attacks — technical attacks against a network to pull information out of a network or system, or affect its operation.
  • Reverse engineering — technical attacks performed in a lab to pull information out of embedded system hardware or software.              

Systems Security Engineering (SSE) focuses on preventing, deterring or delaying loss of information through any of these attacks. It starts by establishing a root of trust in personnel and processes, hardware and software. We build from there, developing protection plans and technical solutions to meet the protection requirements of the organization and system. 


What Can We Do for You?   


TSA, Inc. helps DoD vendors produce export-compliant systems, whether through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) contracts. TSA, Inc. also supports commercial vendors with Intellectual Property (IP) protection.  


TSA, Inc.’s goal is to help our clients secure their critical information, products, or IP from unauthorized exposure. We accomplish this by offering affordable Systems Security Engineering consulting and training to:

  • Analyze what is important to our clients.
  • Determine the desired level of protection necessary to secure critical information, products, or IP.
  • Develop program and system security architectures.
  • Conduct trade studies with our clients in selecting and implementing the proper security controls.
  • Assist our clients with proper testing to verify and validate that the security controls are responding as architected. 
  • For export cases, ensure systems comply with Department of State, Department of Commerce, and Department of Defense export control requirements.


Who to Contact


For questions, additional information or to arrange a capability briefing, please contact:




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